The Governor’s Daughter!


Cathryn Blankenship has no desire for a season in London! Why on earth would her father want her to leave her home in Charles Town? Upon Cathryn’s steadfast refusal, Governor Blankenship is forced to assign a young lieutenant to watch over Cathryn on the journey and ensure his daughter’s appearance in London. Cathryn finds Lieutenant Jake Pennington the most aggravating, maddening man she has ever met…a man Cathryn soon admits she is in no hurry to see leave.

But fate has other plans for her in a world she is ill prepared to enter. She descends into a place where love and betrayal go hand and hand, where greed and treachery are second nature, but moreover the threat her father believes he has sent her is awaiting her arrival. When fate tears her apart from her Lieutenant, Cathryn finds herself desolate and alone. Soon Cathryn makes fateful decisions that will eventually send her back to her home where she will have to fight for her life. And the only one that can save her is the one she believes deserted her.

 The Bastard Son!


Sumner Meador walked in a world of wealth and privilege as part of Charles Town’s elite, but that was years ago. Now he fights in the Southern backwoods driven by the passion he holds for the Patriot cause, shadowed by his past. Reeling from a devastating defeat at the hands of the British, Sumner seeks haven at his farm, only to find an interloper—an unwelcome and unwanted distraction. He has no time for the young woman or the complications she brings with her, but soon discovers he has no option but to give aid to the stubborn, courageous beauty whether she wants it or not.

Jane Kilmer has been violently thrust into the midst of the civil war ensuing in the backwoods. Hiding from one of the most dangerous vigilantes, Jane trusts no one. Suddenly, she has no choice but to put her life in Sumner’s hands. Both desire revenge, but neither wants what happens—to fall completely, undeniably in love with each other. As the war rages around them, their love is put to the ultimate test. The question becomes not whether their love will survive, but will they.


6 comments on “WINDS OF CHANGE
  1. Linda Manley says:

    Is there a book 4? The stories haven’t ended yet? Both Tides of Charleston and Winds of Betrayal. I can’t seem to find out anything about the next book!

    • Which series are you referring to? Tides of Charleston ended with Another Night Falls, but for everyone that has read Another Night Falls realizes that Another Night Falls and Winds of Betrayal series is connected. Kinda get a sneak peak into the final book in Winds of Betrayal with Another Night Falls. The final book in Winds of Betrayal, Set Fire to the Rain, is in the works, but it will probably be next year before it comes out. I meant to get it out for Christmas, but I have had some personal issues to deal with that has set back the book. Set Fire to the Rain is coming…I’ve worked on Winds of Betrayal for over ten years. It is a part of me. I won’t disappoint fans of the seriesI promise.
      As for Southern Legacy, The Sun Rises finishes off the serial…I hope everyone enjoys it!

  2. Linda Manley says:

    Never I just seen where Set Fire To The Rain is coming out in 2015. Is it out yet??

  3. Hola! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the good job!|

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