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“I say set fire to the rain. Ignite the flames with what is true and just. Torch the blaze with our courage and resolve so when we are done, all men will be free!”
~ General Daniel Morgan, Set Fire to the Rain, Bk 4 Winds of Betrayal

Six long years, the war has raged. Six long years, the Corbett siblings have clung to the belief in their cause. Moreover, the war is far from over!

The Southern Army is in tatters with the devastating defeat at Camden. But all is not lost. General Washington sends his most trusted general, Nathanael Greene, to lead what is left of the army. In the darkest hour, Greene, in turn, draws upon the Old Wagoner, General Daniel Morgan.

At his northern headquarters, Washington faces his toughest decisions. Once more, he turns to his most trusted spy ring. Once more, he seeks the information needed to turn the war. This time, though, he needs more. He needs to feed the British misleading intelligence. He needs the British to believe he is eyeing New York…at least, until it is too late for them to act.

Spies and traitors! Love and Betrayal! Winds of Betrayal is coming to a dramatic conclusion! Follow Jonathan and Hannah Corbett on their final path of their fight for freedom!


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My new release is coming September 27! I haven’t released a book under Colleen Connally for two years!!! Framed is the second book in Boston’s Crime of Passion Series.


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Be swept back in time! Cathryn Blankenship has been sent to London to escape the war brewing in the colonies, but soon she discovers she isn’t out of harm’s way. The ballrooms of London hold their own danger.

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Sumner Meador walked in a world of wealth and privilege as part of Charles Town’s elite, but that was years ago. Now he fights in the Southern backwoods driven by the passion he holds for the Patriot cause, shadowed by his past. Reeling from a devastating defeat at the hands of the British, Sumner seeks haven at his farm, only to find an interloper—an unwelcome and unwanted distraction. He has no time for the young woman or the complications she brings with her, but soon discovers he has no option but to give aid to the stubborn, courageous beauty whether she wants it or not.

Jane Kilmer has been violently thrust into the midst of the civil war ensuing in the backwoods. Hiding from one of the most dangerous vigilantes, Jane trusts no one. Suddenly, she has no choice but to put her life in Sumner’s hands. Both desire revenge, but neither wants what happens—to fall completely, undeniably in love with each other. As the war rages around them, their love is put to the ultimate test. The question becomes not whether their love will survive, but will they.


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Born To Be Brothers, Book Three


Each has chosen a different path, Tied by the bond of brothers!

The tie that bound the cousins, Cullen and Wade, together has been strained and stretched to the breaking point…and there is nothing Josephine can do. The bond once shared, once so strong, has been lost in the turmoil surrounding their lives…none larger than the war that looms on the horizon. The war will force the brothers to choose sides. Each will defend their beliefs and loyalties with courage and valor, but each will stand against each other. The world that once was will be no more.


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This is a serial! The books in this series may have cliffhangers and hooks to make you want to continue to the next book. Do not begin if you don’t want to become addicted to the series! Southern Legacy will consist of four books– Belle of Charleston, Shadows of Magnolia, Born to Be Brothers and The Sun Will Rise. Enjoy!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to read the first two books in the Southern Legacy Series, Belle of Charleston and Shadows of Magnolia, before reading Born To Be Brothers. This is a SERIAL! Born To Be Brothers begins where Shadows of Magnolia left off.


I pushed back the release to May 26th…but the date is set and the pre-order is up!


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The Cry For Freedom and Embrace of the Enemy!


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Watch for the conclusion to Winds of Betrayal— SET FIRE TO THE RAIN, Book 5 — Coming late 2015!