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Counting Down to RomCon!

I’m looking forward to going to RomCon! It will be my first time at RomCon and first time in Denver. My husband is coming with me, but he’s going exploring Denver while I’m at the conference. Afterwards, we are going to

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The Secret to the Secret Lives Series

AMAZON      BARNES AND NOBLE    ITUNES I have learned over the years that their is a purpose behind everything. Granted, I have been told that I am quite naive. My father taught me that if you want something you need to work

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Do you see me? Can you find me? Does it matter? Not at all…I’m there someplace in the crowd. I can always say I was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, but more important, I was part of this wonderful community. Honestly,

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The Heart of a City

  It’s Spring! That means Baseball! Hopefully it also means that there will be no more snow or cold. It’s been such a long winter…long, long winter. I’m so ready for the sun! But today Baseball is back in Boston!

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Remembering By Giving Back

  FRAGMENTED is now available everywhere…Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes! It has come out of KDP Select. For the month of April, my main focus will be Fragmented. The anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing is coming up.  I have

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Lending a Helping Hand

I love The Voice on NBC. It’s the only singing competition I watch. I’ll be honest. I watch it because of the judges. I like all the judges. So happy with Shakira and Usher! I’m not the biggest fan of

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Wisdom of Mark Twain

Samuel Clemens “Mark Twain” has always been a favorite author of mine. I have always enjoyed his books. The only play I have ever been in my life was when I was in the fifth grade and I played the

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