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“I say set fire to the rain. Ignite the flames with what is true and just. Torch the blaze with our courage and resolve so when we are done, all men will be free!”
~ General Daniel Morgan, Set Fire to the Rain, Bk 4 Winds of Betrayal

Six long years, the war has raged. Six long years, the Corbett siblings have clung to the belief in their cause. Moreover, the war is far from over!

The Southern Army is in tatters with the devastating defeat at Camden. But all is not lost. General Washington sends his most trusted general, Nathanael Greene, to lead what is left of the army. In the darkest hour, Greene, in turn, draws upon the Old Wagoner, General Daniel Morgan.

At his northern headquarters, Washington faces his toughest decisions. Once more, he turns to his most trusted spy ring. Once more, he seeks the information needed to turn the war. This time, though, he needs more. He needs to feed the British misleading intelligence. He needs the British to believe he is eyeing New York…at least, until it is too late for them to act.

Spies and traitors! Love and Betrayal! Winds of Betrayal is coming to a dramatic conclusion! Follow Jonathan and Hannah Corbett on their final path of their fight for freedom!




There are certain expectations of heroes in romance novels. The most important is for the reader to imagine herself falling in love with him. Romances are escape from reality. A reader knows when picking up a romance that there will be a Happily Ever After.


How the hero and heroine obtain their HEA is up to the imagination of the authorand talent of author. It is my job as the author to create characters you can become attached to in the story. When you read one of my books, one knows I don’t write romantic comedy or light romance. I’ve tried, but no matter what I do, my characters divert my story to where they want to go. I write a few different genre, but my favorite is historical.

My imagination runs wild with historicals for many reasons. The rules that women lived under during these periods make compelling storylines. Tortured, angst and anguish souls.

I have prided myself with fresh and original stories. My characters are flawed. I don’t believe in perfection, but I do believe in love. Redemption is always a key element in my stories.

The question becomes can a hero be redeemed? Should a hero in a romance be allowed to be human for a momentIf they do make a mistake, can they be saved from themselves.

I understand we want a hero to be strong, confident, arrogrant to a certain point. But can’t those same qualities led to issues?

When I wrote Seductive Lies, I wanted the reader to feel the reason Arthur made his decision to deceive Harriet. Afterwards, he discovered there were consequences to his actions. I believe that he paid for his liesand in the end, he found happiness.

I write what I love to read. Growing up I read and re-read my favorite books. I have found these books inspire meinspires my stories. Two of my favorites—Jane Eyre and Rebecca. If you remember in Jane Eyre, Mr. Rochester was already married when he tried to marry Jane. The only reason he didn’t was because the brother of his wife told of the deception in front of Jane. Then Rochester confessed to Jane and she eventually forgave him. In Rebecca, Maxium believed he had murdered his wife.

Soyes, I believe that a hero can be redeemedby loveof course.

The Fault Is Mine

I noticed the top movie of the week, The Fault In Our Stars, was based on a bestselling book by the same name. It caught my eye. I must be living under a rock because I have never heard of the book before last night. Shows you how engrossed I get into my writing. Somebody needs to keep me up to date on these things.

Of course, I do know somethings. I know the Kings won in double overtime the other night…Hubbie told me when he came to bed. I know that its a good thing I enjoyed the Red Sox last year win the World Series. This year…this year I decided to give them a mulligan…

As for reading books, I confess lately I have read mostly for research into my new series. My friend did recommend Gone Girl. I do have it on my list to read before that movie comes out.

But when I read The Fault in Our Stars was the #1 movie in America this weekend, I did pause. Isn’t this the season for action movies? So I did a little research on the book and movie. It didn’t take me long to realize one fact…I won’t be reading the book or seeing the movie anytime soon.  

The reason— I cried while I just reading about it…and I was at work.

The author, John Green, also impressed me. I read where he signed 150,000 pre-ordered books. Given the context of the story and the fact he went out of the way for his readers leads me to believe John Green must be not only an expectional writer, but an expectional human being.

Honestly, I can’t imagine writing such a heartwrenching story. As a romance author, I can only say I”m envious he captured the love story between two young people much like Romeo and Juliet except it is not their parents separating the lovers, but cancer.

Life isn’t fair, but love endures…no matter what battles are faced…no matter your age.

The fault is mine I haven’t read the book yet. I will. I just have to find a day where I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything…because I have a feeling the tears will flow again.

Just for the record…am I missing out on any other good books? Let me know!




Oh, what to write! A dramatic murder suspense? A scary page-turning paranormal? A love story for the ages? So many possibilities run rapid through my mind staring at a blank page. Why then am I drawn to historical suspense? Why does the past conjure up so many tales to be told? 

Perhaps I romanticize the past or simply it’s a connection to the past I seek. I know only that I love the challenge of recreating a bit of history. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I love history. As you might suspect with my writings, I find the American Revolution utterly fascinating. 

So many ideas swirl around my little head when I do research and none more so than when I was doing research for Winds of Betrayal. It was how I discovered the Culper Spy Ring. The more I read, the more fascinated I became with the spy ring. Inspiration! Everything one could wish to write a thriller…action, intrigue, danger, love. So the Winds of Betrayal began loosely based on Washington’s elite spy network. 

The danger of living the life of a spy was enormous. They lived with the constant fear of discovery. If discovered, they faced the hangman’s noose as was seen with the death of Nathan Hale. During occupation of New York by the British, Nathan Hale was caught by the Redcoats and hanged without trial. Afterwards, Washington appointed Tallmadge head of the Continental Army’s secret service. With that, Tallmadge established the Culper Spy Ring. 

With secrecy being of the utmost importance, Washington never even knew the names of those in the ring. He knew them only by numbers or an alias.

 My research led me to speculate about women’s roles during this time. With nothing being more dangerous at that time than spying and the price of being caught for a man was hanging, what about a woman? At the beginning of the war, neither American nor British thought women capable of such a deception. But I believe that women were…and would have been quite efficient in their efforts. 

The women seemed to have been just as passionate for their cause as the men of that time. Case and point, Margaret Kemble Gage, American born wife of General Thomas Gage, Commander of the British Army at the beginning of the American Revolution in Boston. Did you know that it was highly suspected that Margaret Gage supplied information to Patriot leaders? It was suspected she may have even given the information that led to the famous ride of Paul Rever. Her punishment…General Gage sent her to England. 

Although for another woman, I doubt the punishment would have been as lenient, especially after the war began to turn in favor of the Patriot cause. But without question, I write about strong, opinionated women, who have to overcome adversity to achieve their happiness.
Winds of Betrayal saga is a riveting, captivating historical series. I invite you to be swept away back into the past. Enjoy!

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