I’m a history buff. The American Revolution fascinates me for several reasons. As in most revolutions, the colonies revolted with violence against the oppression they felt the British held over us.  The sequence of events spelled revolution. Basically, King George made a series of bad decisions. I say this because unlike most revolutions, the leaders of the American Revolution had an idea of what they wanted their colonies to become. When the tides began to turn toward breaking from the mother country, there were several points in the sequence that could have slowed the progress toward independence. King George responded with what would be the downfall of the British—conceit and arrogance. The colonists expected to be treated as the other British subjects, but their perceived concept of themselves and King George’s differed greatly. Everyone knows the basis for our independence—life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all men. Everyone knows that in the end, the colonies broke from England and the United States was formed. The whole of the revolution was so much more complex, but comparing it to the French Revolution…there is so much to be admired from the American Revolution.

Most Revolutions end with a tyrannical government of some sort. I contend that the American Revolution represents everything right a revolution can bring. The French Revolution represents what most revolutions bring—instead of the freedom they desire, their fates are once more placed in another form of what they rebelled against, another form of oppression.

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There is an irony that can’t be overlooked when you study both revolutions. We Americans needed the French’s support to win our revolution. With the French support, we were victorious, but because of their support, conditions in their own country deteriorated and help lead the people of France to revolt against their King. The conditions in France were also much different than the colonies.  Famine, poverty, rights of the common people…compared to the colonies…there was no comparison. I do not contend that I’m an expert on the French Revolution, but when one class can imprison a person without cause…there is a problem that will escalate when the needs of the people aren’t met.

I can imagine that the French people looked to the United States. Is it wrong to dream of equality? It was suppose to be the age of Enlightenment. I do not believe looking back on the events before the French Revolution that I’m surprised it happened. What was surprising and shocking was the extent of violence that occurred.

I have two series I’ve written that are set in the American Revolution. Winds of Betrayal Series follows siblings as they answer the call for the independence and the price it will cost. The first two books, Patriot Secrets and Ruse of Love, leads to the dramatic conclusion in Winds of Betrayal. Winds of Betrayal series deals with spies and intrigue…historical fiction scattered with romance.


Tides of Charleston deals with the circumstances the war forces on a family. I absolutely loved writing about the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution.  The Tides of Charleston series is historical romance. Another Night Falls focuses on one of my favorite characters, Sumner Meador…

Under my pen name, Colleen Connally, I cross the Atlantic to write Regency…Pre-Regency romances. Seductive Secrets is the first book in the Secret Lives series…romantic suspense. Next year, I am planning on releasing two more books under Colleen Connally. The first, Broken Legacy, finds Lady Eloise D’Arcy Granville caught up in the turmoil of the French Revolution. I began this book years ago. I had to put it down, emotionally draining…the research was so intense. Do you realize how many people went to the  guillotine? But I have found a connection to the French Revolution that I have found fascinating. I hope that I capture that essence in Broken Legacy along with a love that develops between two strangers.  

There is a connection between the two revolutions…peoples lives changed dramatically. Life was never the same after either.

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