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May Your Christmas Be Filled With Friendship and Love!

Happy Holidays! Here’s wishing everyone a safe and Merry Christmas!! If you need an escape from the holiday madness, it’s as close as your kindle:      

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Starting today through September 29, Whispers of a Legend…Shadows of the Past, The Path Now Turned, Vision of Destiny and Time of Nuxvenom will all be $.99 each! Don’t miss out.   Whispers of a Legend saga: Kela Calledwdele was

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We do want forever and when we love and are loved…it is forever. Love is a legacy. I was thinking what we leave behind—what we have given to this world. I was thinking of my grandmothers…my dad and I smiled. Their passing left a void, but

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Social Media: What’s Working- Hashtags

I like easy and simple when connecting to Social Media. First let me say, I need help understanding some Social Media- Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Reddit… I’m on them. Just don’t know how to use them to their full advantage. So if

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The Challenges of Writing!

A few years ago between my historical suspense romances, I sat down and wrote a contemporary murder mystery. Writing a contemporary mystery story wasn’t a giant leap for me. In my historical romances, there has always been a mystery behind

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The Difference Between Historical Fiction and Historical Romance

I got an email the other day from a reader. She had a good point. While she greatly enjoyed my Winds of Betrayal Series to this point, she felt that Winds of Betrayal is more historical fiction than pure romance. I

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Whispers of a Legend New Make Over!

At the conference I attended last week, someone asked me about my fantasy series. Was it romantic fantasy, urban fantasy or epic fantasy? The question got me thinking—what exactly defines Whispers of a Legend Saga? I have always thought of

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New Year…New Books

A brand new year. A time to reflect on the year that passed and look forward to the future. So many things going on. Seductive Secrets is out in paperback.  At the same time, the ebook cover got updated a tad

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DREAMSCAPE Book One in the Dream Walker Series This Thursday and Friday, December 13th and 14th, Dreamscape will be offered free. Back in 2008, this was my first book was published as—Dream Walker. When I got the rights back, I republished

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Strong Female Protagonists in Literature

The stories I write have strong female heroines. I write all different genres: historical fiction, epic fantasy, and romance. Then you might wonder how I write about strong women when I write romance. I mean most women read romance to

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