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Do you see me? Can you find me? Does it matter? Not at all…I’m there someplace in the crowd. I can always say I was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, but more important, I was part of this wonderful community. Honestly,

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Sports Illustrated Cover Shoot- Boston Marathon!

What a great morning! Got up early and went up to Boston for Sports Illustrated Cover Shoot. I got an email from work that invited everyone from the hospital to come down for the picture. Sports Illustrated is going to

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The Heart of a City

  It’s Spring! That means Baseball! Hopefully it also means that there will be no more snow or cold. It’s been such a long winter…long, long winter. I’m so ready for the sun! But today Baseball is back in Boston!

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It’s coming! Fragmented is to be released on Monday! Oh…getting ahead of myself. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had a lovely one. My brother-in-law had the family over at his home. Nothing like having a dinner at

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