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The Cry For Freedom- Free…

The Cry For Freedom is up on Barnes and Noble! Although there is no blurb-it is up. (Have to go back to Smashwords and see what happened this time.) So hopefully it will be free on Amazon soon! AMAZON            BARNES AND NOBLE

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Changes to Winds of Betrayal Series

AMAZON   ITUNES   KOBO  SMASHWORDS  BARNES AND NOBLE Winds of Betrayal Series has had a few changes over the last couple of weeks. The Cry For Freedom and Embrace of the Enemy have come off of KDP. That means

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A Visit to Williamsburg

My husband and I went down to pick up our youngest daughter from her freshman year at Old Dominion University. It’s close to Williamsburg. I couldn’t resist. I went back by old Williamsburg. I’ve been there a couple of times

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I love romance. Of course, I do. I write it. But there are some scenes in books and movies that never leave you. I’m not talking about the typical grand gestures where the hero gives the heroine expensive, eloborate gifts

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New Year…New Books

A brand new year. A time to reflect on the year that passed and look forward to the future. So many things going on. Seductive Secrets is out in paperback.  At the same time, the ebook cover got updated a tad

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I’m a history buff. The American Revolution fascinates me for several reasons. As in most revolutions, the colonies revolted with violence against the oppression they felt the British held over us.  The sequence of events spelled revolution. Basically, King George made

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Strong Female Protagonists in Literature

The stories I write have strong female heroines. I write all different genres: historical fiction, epic fantasy, and romance. Then you might wonder how I write about strong women when I write romance. I mean most women read romance to

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Welcome to a World filled with Romance!

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve made a few changes over the last year. There are a few more to come, but this one was overdue. I shut down my old website and started this one. I wanted to have

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