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The Challenges of Writing!

A few years ago between my historical suspense romances, I sat down and wrote a contemporary murder mystery. Writing a contemporary mystery story wasn’t a giant leap for me. In my historical romances, there has always been a mystery behind

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I have come up with SIX of reducing the holiday stress this year. Hope it helps you! First one— Laugh!   Laugh! I would tell a joke, but the way I tell a joke is worse than a six-year old.

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Expressing Gratitude…A Month of Thanksgiving

The best and most beautiful things in the world Cannot be seen or even heard, But must be felt by the heart. ~Helen Keller It’s November. Time is flying by or maybe I’m just too busy. I need to slow

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Can’t Argue With Ignorance!

Can’t Argue With Ignorance! My Daddy used to say it all the time. For the record, I have picked the Red Sox to win the World Series this year. This has absolutely nothing to do with writing or reviews. It

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Heat Up Your Summer!

July is vacation month, but I haven’t been on vacation. I’m working diligently on Seductive Lies under my pen name Colleen Connally . It’s coming. I’m at the stage in the book where I’m obsessing about it. It’s all I’m doing

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The Difference Between Historical Fiction and Historical Romance

I got an email the other day from a reader. She had a good point. While she greatly enjoyed my Winds of Betrayal Series to this point, she felt that Winds of Betrayal is more historical fiction than pure romance. I

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I’m A Southern Writer!

Today I’m featured over on Suite T, Southern Writers Magazine. My Mamma’s happy! Having lived up North for quite a while…like my accent…I think she was afraid my Southernality would fade. Not a chance! I love all things Southerner. Huge country

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Lending a Helping Hand

I love The Voice on NBC. It’s the only singing competition I watch. I’ll be honest. I watch it because of the judges. I like all the judges. So happy with Shakira and Usher! I’m not the biggest fan of

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Whispers of a Legend New Make Over!

At the conference I attended last week, someone asked me about my fantasy series. Was it romantic fantasy, urban fantasy or epic fantasy? The question got me thinking—what exactly defines Whispers of a Legend Saga? I have always thought of

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I love romance. Of course, I do. I write it. But there are some scenes in books and movies that never leave you. I’m not talking about the typical grand gestures where the hero gives the heroine expensive, eloborate gifts

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