It’s Hard to Say Good-by


Ramona and Gerald Caveness’ Wedding Day

Last November, my mother had a stroke. Over the following year, she fought hard to recover. Unfortunately, she lost her battle last Saturday. She was 81.

My mother, Ramona, lived a full life. Reasonably, I know that it was ‘her time.’ I know that I’m old enough to understand that this is life. I have faith in God and his plan he holds for each of us. I take comfort in that knowledge.

But I wasn’t ready to say good-by.

There is nothing…nothing like a mother’s love.

Momma inspired my love for books. She is the reason I write. The picture I will always hold near my heart is her sitting in her chair with a book in her hand.

I am an Indie writer. In the Indie world, writers battle to compete with the big 5 publishers. Readers don’t realize what goes on behind the covers. Nor should they. Readers deserve books that will entertain them and allow them an escape from reality for a short time. I am the one that has to deal with the extremely competitive world of publishing. To get your book in the hands of readers is like finding a needle in the haystack.

Before I began writing, I was not a business woman, but I had to become one to sell my books. I love to write and create stories and am so appreciative of the fans I have. I realize I owe them the conclusion to Winds of Betrayal. I have had emails asking when…when is Set Fire To The Rain coming. I have set dates that I have not met. For that I apologize.

The real reason it isn’t complete is because I write what I feel. The story comes to me while I type. To be honest, I haven’t felt the story since my mother became ill. It’s hard to get into a book and have your attention drawn away. It is not an excuse, but the reason. The fact of the matter is, I’m truly not a very good business woman. My emotions get the better of me.

I do have some funny stories about Momma and my writing, but that will be for another day. Today, I am returning to writing with my momma, once again, as my inspiration.

Momma, you will be missed.


Momma’s Eightieth Birthday Celebration



3 comments on “It’s Hard to Say Good-by
  1. TPakus says:

    Anyone who has a heart for writing understands that writing is emotionally based. As our connection is not just based in our common link of adoring your husband but in our love for the written word, I truly understand the blockage that comes when you are emotionally distracted by something so heart wrenching as your precious Momma’s illness. Your fans will wait, they will then be blown away when they finally get what they’ve waited for because the heart of a writer cannot be forced – it just is. It has to be ready for the next phase of the story and this next story wouldn’t have been what it was supposed to be if it was written in haste or half-heartedly! Anyone who does not understand that will hopefully find the patience to give you pause to do what you need! I’m grateful that you are vulnerable enough to share with your fans what you’ve endured so they can stand with you through this! Vulnerability is not weakness but strength and may your faith in God be what carries you through to not only a successful end but an even stronger and more prosperous journey as you have just overcome one of the most difficult seasons your family has yet endured! ‘Y love to you and your entire family! Xoxo

  2. Jerri, my heart aches for your loss. Take all the time you need to heal. We understand this is an incredibly painful journey for you. Sending love, hugs and many prayers.

  3. Heather Johnson says:

    My heart hurts for you. The characters who are straight from your heart will make their way to us when they’re able. Heal your heart as much as is possible when a part of it is gone. <3

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