What do you dream about? What is your secret desire? Meeting the man of your dreams? The perfect vacation? Retiring before the age of 30I missed that boat long ago, but my point is that we all have dreams. Dreams are healthy. I believe we are happiest when we are striving for that dream.

My dream — writing. My desire is to write and to be read. It’s a great feeling to see your book go up the charts.  Maybe you noticed that I didn’t say make the New York Times or USA Best Selling List. I didn’t say sign a huge contract for millions of dollars. No…my dream is to write and create. My dream is for readers to enjoy these works. I love creating worlds to get lost inits that connection. An example is my Winds of Betrayal series. To me…in my worldmy characters come alive for that period of time. It’s the reason my characters for Winds of Betrayal and Tides of Charleston overlap. Because to me, the characters exist at the same time. So it would be natural they would interact if the opportunity arose.  It’s not the only time I have done so, either. Wonder if anyone has caught a character in two different books and series that crosses over besides Winds of Betrayal and Tides of Charleston. Of course, you would have had to read all my books to have caught it. But if anyone does, I’ll gift you a copy of my new release when it’s released. First oneif anyonethat can tell me the character’s name.

Get lost in another time and place…

I have written about the American Revolution in Winds of Betrayal and Tides of Charleston. Did you know I have also written about the French Revolution?

Broken Legacy under Colleen Connally has been a #1 Historical Romance on Amazon. Find out why…


BROKEN LEGACY, an Amazon #1 Bestselling Historical Romance!

Historical 2014 Readers’ Crown Finalist!


Lord Gerard Lenister needed the ladyafter their meeting, he wanted her. 

For seventeen years Lady Eloise Granville lived in France thinking herself a
bastard. Not until her life was threatened did her father cross the English
Channel to reclaim her as his legitimate daughter. Now four years later a
revolution roars its ugly head in France. Rumors abound of Lady Eloise’s life
before her emergence in Englandrumors that link her to the notorious leaders
of the French Revolution.

Lord Gerard Lenister knows well the whispered connections Lady Eloise has
across the Channel and the disdain that Society holds for the lady. It matters
little to him. He could have cared less if she was the incarnation of a
she-devil. He would marry Jezebel herself if she helped him on his mission. He
is that desperatebut soon he discovers that Lady Eloise is not what she seems.


Intrigue, Secrets, Romance…

Thrown into the midst of
the Reign of Terror that the French Revolution has become, Lady Eloise has long
struggled with the questions arising from her birth. Forced into a marriage she
neither wanted or desired, she finds herself drawn to the man who is now her

Lord Gerard puts into place a plan to save his children. Marrying Lady Eloise
gives him the leverage he needs. Soon, he realizes the woman he married is
nothing like the woman she has been portrayed. Never did he consider she would
risk her life for him nor did he consider that Eloise would evoke
feelings within him he did not know existed.

Thrown into a terror few escape, Gerard and Eloise discover a connection that
will bind their lives forever–love. That is if they survive.

Orangeberry 2013 Hall of Fame Best Romance! 

Jerri hines heavensshallfall_(1)

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Be swept up within the Winds of Betrayal saga! Captivating!
Spies and Traitors; Love and Betrayal!

The world of spies and traitors-love and betrayal converge on the path to the ultimate betrayal–the treachery of the American’s most infamous turncoat, General Benedict Arnold!

The cry for Freedom is at its darkest hour! 

After the devastating loss at Saratoga, the British respond with a vengeance, aiming at taking a strategic hold on the South. In New York, the American spy network is in turmoil, leaving Rupert Arnett to pick up the pieces. Never has it been more dangerous, but never has the stakes been higher.

Under siege by the RedCoats, Charles Town collapses, giving the Americans their most humiliating and worse defeat of the war. When Dr. Jonathan Corbett is taken prisoner, Rebekah faces her greatest personal challengefor the only way to save her husband’s life is to betray his trust. She turns to the one man Jonathan despises the most, General Marcus Durham.

On the return of Major John Andre to New York, Rupert recognizes something is amiss. The British intelligence seems to know Washington’s every move. Pressure mounts on him to discover what the British have planned. Amid untold dangers, Rupert turns to his one operative that can uncover the truth.

Now, time is of the essence. The crucial hour of the revolution is upon the Americans. There is a traitor in their midst. Can the network determine who the traitor is before all is lost? At what cost? Who one will pay the ultimate price for the cry of freedom?

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