The Heart of a City


Last fall, my little nephew didn’t know which team to cheer for…


It’s Spring! That means Baseball! Hopefully it also means that there will be no more snow or cold. It’s been such a long winterlong, long winter. I’m so ready for the sun!

But today Baseball is back in Boston! The last we saw of our beloved Red Sox was at the celebration parade. Of course, they aren’t starting off their season in Boston. We have to wait for them to come home to get their World Series rings. There is so much more to Boston than the RedSox, but they are the heart of the city.

Last April, Boston suffered a horrendous terrorist attack. I remember the day well, etched in my mind as 9/11 will always haunt me. I remember what a beautiful day 9/11 was. The sun was bright in the sky with hardly a cloud. The day was much like last April. Now the shocking images of people running, smoke, blood and death are etched into my heart as well.

Boston is a small city with the heart of a community. It cut to the core of the city to attack innocent peoplechildren. But it also brought out the best of the city and the people.

The Red Sox created a diversion from our problems, revitalized our spirits, and helped restore a semblance of normalcy…

The Spirit of Boston refuses to submit to terrorism. It rose above and showed the world what it means to be a Bostonian!

It is in that spirit that I donate half the royalties of Fragmented, Book One Boston’s Crimes of Passion

The people of Boston pulled together after the tragedy. Moreover, generous people from all the world gave to the victims. I also realize that the victims have life long injuries. I don’t want them to be forgotten. Giving half my royalties is my small way of doing so…

Tomorrow is Aprilit has been almost a year since the Marathon Bombing. Help me this coming month to help others. If you’re looking for a great mystery to read, try FRAGMENTED! I believe you will enjoy it. Then tell everyone! Help get the word out!

To begin the month, I have lowered the price to $.99 for the first week!

Enjoy today! Enjoy a good baseball game no matter which team you cheer on to win! Enjoy a good book- hopefully Fragmented! Have a great day!




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