The Challenges of Writing!

A few years ago between my historical suspense romances, I sat down and wrote a contemporary murder mystery. Writing a contemporary mystery story wasn’t a giant leap for me. In my historical romances, there has always been a mystery behind my stories. I have never written a simple romance.

The challenge for me with Fragmented was coming back into the present. When you write, you submerge yourself into that world. One would think it would be easier to write a contemporary story than a historical, but for me, I’m an old soul. A contemporary mystery presented itself with its own obstacles, but I look at a mystery like a puzzle. I love puzzles.

When I decided to start this series, Boston’s Crimes of Passion, I went back to my Fragmented manuscript. It needed revising. I tweaked the story and the characters until I was satisfied. I believe you will find Fragmented has everything you want in a thriller—action, danger, and mystery.

When I began writing Indie, I made the decision to give the first book in my series away for free. I did it with Whispers of a Legend, Secret Lives and Winds of Betrayal. The purpose behind giving a book away is letting a reader get a feel for your writing, become a fan and buy the rest of your books. Some writers absolutely refuse to give a book away. It’s hard to give a book away, but for me, it has worked.

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With Boston’s Crimes of Passion, I chose not to give away Fragmented. I have a desire to give back to my community. So with Fragmented, I’m giving a portion (half) of my royalties to help the Boston Marathon Victims!


I’m excited about Fragmented! It’s got great feedback. The first reader’s blog reviews came in from THE BOOKWORM’S BLOG.

Fragmented is the perfect read for all those mystery/thriller lovers out there. It is a page turner that will have you guessing until the very end. The plots twist will have you doubting every character and their intentions. I would suggest you read this book when you have nothing to do the next day because you will absolutely not stop reading this until you find out what happens.

It took me until the 5th chapter to really get into the story. I think it was because the point of view of the story kept changing every time you got into one person’s story. But, I promise you it all comes together in ways that will blow your mind. The author is donating half of all royalties made from the book to a charity in Boston as mentioned in the “About The Author” section in the back of the book. (Yes it’s that good I literally read it cover to cover!)

Over on Goodreads, I’m in the process of a GIVEAWAY! I’m giving away 5 signed copies of Fragmented at the end of the month!


2013 was a good year for me as a writer. I’m so grateful and thank you for that opportunity. I’m looking forward to 2014! I’m in the process of trying to set up my first audio books. The first one, hopefully, will be Seductive Secrets! The Heavens Shall Fall is my next release. Then I turn my sights on another installment of Whispers of a Legend…then a project close to my heart— Belle of Charleston!

I’m also participating in Christmas Book Blast– lots of ebooks given away next week! I will be giving away copies of Fragmented, Winds of Betrayal Box Set, Broken Legacy…join me. There will be over 50 ebooks given away! All you have to do is comment. The winning begins December 16th!


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