The Appeal of Gothic Romances

The Secret Lives books haven’t always fallen into a specific genre with ease. Seductive Secrets and Broken Legacy have been categorized in historical romance and romantic suspense, althought there has always been a dash of paranormal in the books. Besides romance, the main element in each has been suspense. Seductive Lies takes a distinct turn. The paranormal aspect takes a major role in Seductive Lies.

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This time, Seductive Lies will be classified as a Gothic romance. I looked up the definition of Gothic Romance. I found the jest of the definition held that Gothic Romances were mysteries, usually set against the backdrop of a haunted ruins of some sort.  Growing up I read Gothic Romances constantly. My favorite books included Jane Eyre and Rebecca. I have always been drawn to Gothic Romances. I have never, though, written a true gothic novel until now.

Seductive Lies finds its heroine, Harriet, blessed with a gift from a gypsy. Growing up with her gift, she has found it best to hide what she has been given. Her grandfather is terrified she will be thought strange. People fear what they don’t understand. The question becomes will she be able to accept her gift when she has need of it.

Entangled in the paranormal is mystery and intrigue. When I wrote Seductive Secrets, I felt that the story went off the much trodden path of historical romance. The love story in Seductive Lies does the same. This is not a light-hearted romance.  I have always taken pride in being original.

With the Secret Lives Series, each book is a stand alone. The common element is that the heroine has or is living a secret life. Seductive Lies will not disappoint you if you enjoyed the first two books in the series. I believe you will find Seductive Lies quite original and enjoyable.

There are changes in the Secret Lives Series coming. Be warned that Seductive Secrets which has been free for over a year is coming off of free soon. It has been a decision long in the making. It’s time.

As I promised, I will be doing a giveaway. I have decided that I will be giving away books starting in September leading up to the release of Seductive Lies. Don’t forget that Seductive Lies is up for pre-release on Smashwords. You can check out a sample for free…

Have a good one!

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