Touring With Broken Legacy



Broken Legacy is on a book tour. I’ve never done a book tour before this one with Orangeberry Book Tours. Interesting. They are so organized. I’m envious.  I love the way Broken Legacy is out on a new venure every day. It is even in a contest. I don’t usually enter contest. Occasionally. This one is a little one…a fun one. If you have a moment, click on this link and you can vote for Broken Legacy if you like.

Orangeberry Hall of Fame Best Romance

Promoting is part of writing now, especially for an Indie. It’s nice when you find something that can help you promote. Frees up your time.

Although, I’ll admit. I like to promote. I enjoy Facebook, except for the last month I’ve been so busy trying to get Seductive Lies set I haven’t had the time. It’s almost set and I can breath again!

I’m going to be giving some books away this month! More details to come.


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