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I first started writing years ago. My first book published was Dream Walker in 2008. (It’s now Dreamscape under my pen name Carrie James Haynes.) Even before Dream Walker, I had written a historical fiction manuscript. I called it Before the Sun Sets. The story was long….extremely long. To get it published, I broke up the story. Patriot Secrets was published in October, 2010. The other half of the book, at the time, didn’t have a title.

It’s ironic because when I got the rights back to Patriot Secrets, I once more broke up the book into two parts. I have learned ebooks need to be shorter than a 110,000 word manuscript. Can you tell it’s more of a saga than a simple series? The Cry For Freedom and Embrace of the Enemy was once Patriot Secrets. I released the third book last year. It was released as Ruse of Love. When I revamped the series in February, I changed the name to Kiss of Deceit.

Boy, I’ve gone around the world to say what I intended…so what happened to the second half of Before the Sun Sets? Does it have a title?

Ireland Vacation! 772

This is the rest of the manuscript—The Heavens Shall Fall! Yes, I wrote it well before I learned it was much easier to write on the computer. I used to write in a notebook and transfer it. This is the printed version. I didn’t even write it on the old computer it is sitting on. The book needs major revisions, but in essence it has always been here beside me. The books before The Heavens Shall Fall all climax with this dramatic conclusion.  It is and always has led to this point.

From the beginning, the whole of the story was inspired by the Culper Spy Ring. The story fascinated me. What really happened…that I can’t say. I can, however, use my vivid imagination to give a fictional account…purely fictional account, but I wanted to capture the bravery, courage and faith of these spies…these Patriots. The first three books have lead up to this point where it has become essential to discover the secrets of the enemy—one of the major turning points of the American Revolution.

The Culper Spy Ring has had other books fictionalized its secret dealings. I have never read any of them. I have read history books, but mostly they have dealt with the war itself, battles on the field and internally. My father instilled my love for history. My fictionalized version comes from this love and fascination. Studying history, I have discovered why George Washington is called the Father of our Country and how totally amazing it is that our democracy came from a revolution! If you look around, I doubt you will find many examples of a revolution that ended with a government such as ours. Revolutions come about for one reason—the need for change. In that need for change, most times chaos ensues until the dust settles, but not with the American Revolution.

War is hell…so says General Sherman. It is. People lose their lives for a cause. In The Heavens Shall Fall I hope I have captured the atmosphere of the American Revolution. The change from the beginning when they thought the war wouldn’t last long. For that matter not all the colonists supported the war. I have read where at the outbreak of the war only a third of the colonist supported the war; another third remained loyal to the Crown and the other third was neutral.  The attitudes changed along the way also. The British became harsher the longer the war dragged out. The leniency the British once allowed at the beginning of the war dissipated.  General Washington also had to make some extremely tough decisions to maintain the Continental Army.

This is the atmosphere that the Culper Spy Ring operated under. They were in the midst of the enemy in New York City…

I have made a decision. I am almost to the point where Seductive Lies goes to my editor. I had planned on turning my attention to Whispers of a Legend series, but that has changed at the moment. I believe I will start my revision to The Heavens Shall Fall.

The title of the book comes from a quote of John Adams—“Let justice be done though the heavens should fall.” –– John Adams in a letter in 1777

Have a good one! Keep Reading!

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  1. Carol Oros says:

    When will the heavens fall. Just completed first 3 books in 2 days. Can’t wait for the conclusion

  2. So glad you have enjoyed the series so far. I’m hoping to have The Heavens Shall Fall out around Christmas. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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