The Difference Between Historical Fiction and Historical Romance

I got an email the other day from a reader. She had a good point. While she greatly enjoyed my Winds of Betrayal Series to this point, she felt that Winds of Betrayal is more historical fiction than pure romance. I believe the Romance Writers of America have a category where the story is plot driven with strong romantic elements. I believe that is the best way to categorize Winds of Betrayal.

Winds of Betrayal Series is plot driven without question. It does not follow the standard romance formula—boy meets girl, boy gets girl. Winds of Betrayal revolves around the turmoils of the American Revolution, which includes the dangers and uneasiness of living during war. I believe Winds of Betrayal captures the essence of the times. When I was in Williamsburg last month, I stopped at the Raleigh Tavern which is mentioned in The Cry For Freedom. There was a young man dressed up like a colonist who would explain the historical significance of the buildings. Quite insightful even including the fact that while debating the issues of the day was the talk of every gentleman as a lady I would not be allowed to discuss politics. It would have been deemed inappropiate—think I had that one down (If you have read the opening of The Cry For Freedom, you will understand.)

I found a great blog post about the differences between Historical Fiction and Historical Romance. It also brooches the subject about historical books written with American Revolution don’t sell as well. Check it out. History Hodens: Historical Fiction vs Historical Romance.

I understand the confusion. When I pick up a romance, I expect the happy ending. I expect the love story to play before my eyes. I like the fact I know what to expect. 

I can say the same about when I read historical fiction. I want the story to challenge me, intrigue me, to keep me on my edge not knowing what will happen. I like to be immersed in a period of history that is not my own, surrounded by fascinating people.

I write both historical romance and historical fiction. The Tides of Charleston Series is historical romance. Yet, the characters from Another Night Falls and Kiss of Deceit intertwine.  

Don’t know if Winds of Betrayal interest you—well, The Cry For Freedom is free. Doesn’t cost you anything but your time to begin the series.




It’s the good thing about giving away a free sample of your writing. I also have a free sample for my historical romance and fantasy romance.


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2 comments on “The Difference Between Historical Fiction and Historical Romance
  1. efmeyette says:

    Jerri, I am so excited to find you! I have also written two historical romances based during the American Revolution – Love’s Destiny and Love’s Spirit. I agree with your assessment since I believe my novels to be more plot driven than conventional romance, but that’s what I love about them! I’ve just downloaded The Cry for Freedom, and I can’t wait to start it.

  2. I so hope you enjoy The Cry For Freedom. I love books set during that time period, too. Look forward to reading yours!

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