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Challenges of Writing

I believe I have been fortunate when it comes to writing. Becoming an Indie writer has given me opportunities I have never had. Before I became an Indie, I was in a never-ending cycle of writing my bestseller, hoping when I sent off a query and regrouping after the rejection came.

I had my share of glowing rejections, but in the end, I don’t think I would have broken through the BIG Five barrier. I would have stayed with the small/medium publishers, like my Tides of Charleston Series is at the moment, and have my books do basically nothing. The problem with small/medium publishers isn’t the publishers themselves. My experiences with my publishers have been positive and I learned so much. I can’t express my gratitude enough to Wild Child Publishing for taking my first book. BUT a small/medium publisher doesn’t have the revenue to promote you and all the rest of their books the way your book needs to be promoted. There is a huge sea of books out there. It’s difficult to make yours stand out. Moreover, you don’t have control of your book. So if you wanted to lower the price of your book for a promotion, you can’t. Your publisher has to do that.

You can write the best book ever and if it’s not promoted, it will do nothingabsolutely nothing. There is so much working against you in this business. One of my major problems is that I’m not a business person—far from it. All I have ever wanted to do was write, but I have found that writing your book is the easy part.

When I was out there with my query letters, I know one of my issues with being rejected is that I never followed the standard formula in writing. Publishers like a certain style. I write outside those lines. I like to think of it as being an original. I have had a major gay secondary character in a standard historical romance novel. I’ve had my hero do the unthinkable and lie to the love of his life. I’ve had a female who was the heroic one. When I write a true serial, don’t be surprised to find I leave readers with cliffhangers. And for all of you who were upset with The Cry For Freedom ending so abruptly- leading to the next book, you should read Whispers of a Legend. It’s funny. My readers with Whispers of a Legend seem to love the books ending in a cliffhanger because it meant the story will continue. Not so much with some of the readers of the Winds of Betrayal series. (But I’ve been told that some readers find reading Winds of Betrayal Series is like watching a television series.)

I know I’ve gone around to world to make a point. All I ever wanted was people to read my books. Being an Indie has allowed me to put my books out there. For better or worse, this is me. I have always felt my books are an extension of myself. This is my imagination at work. This is how I see the world.

AND…I want to take a moment to say thank you.

In my writing career, I have found I have moments. This is one of my moments and I so appreciate them.

FRAGMENTED, Book One of the Boston’s Crimes of Passion is #32 in Amazon’s Suspense and #35 in Romantic Suspense at the time of this writing.


Fragmented is close to my heart. Yes, I poured my heart and soul into the book, but I did so to give back to my community. It hasn’t done as well as I had hoped since its release. But once more, that goes back to getting it out there for the readers. I thought I didn’t have to give away the first book in a series to have it sell. Nope. That didn’t work. It’s in a different genre than what I usually write. So I went back to KDP Select. I gave Fragmented away for one day and then went to $.99. It was fortunate to have been featured with Free Partay when it was free and then Ereader News Today when it went to $.99.

It won’t stay up in the rankings because it needs to stay in the limelight and I haven’t figured out how to do that yet, but I am happy that people are now reading Fragmented. I believe it’s one of my best books so far.

So—THANK YOU!  You made my day. I’ve got to go. I just got home from work. Long commute home- 2 hours in the snow storm. It was funny walking out to my car today because it reminded me of a scene in Fragmented… Anyhow, hope you have a wonderful day-snow or no snow! Have a good one!

Oh- don’t forget that Seductive Secrets and Broken Legacy are both on audio now. Seductive Lies is coming soonthen Fragmented!

One comment on “Challenges of Writing

  1. Thanks for sharing, it’s good to hear about the journey of indie authors :)

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